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Our Student Works


Renen Jose Navalta

I was asked by my office to learn 3D as to be versatile on our workplace, then I found out about Mamoon who is very good in teaching 3D.I don't mind traveling from Abu Dhabi to Dubai everyweekend just to take lessons with him because I believe I can learn a lot from him through his experience in his profession. His teaching techniques are great as he is focus on what I will be using in my work.Just for few lessons from Mamoon I was able to create something that my boss was very happy about. I would Highly Recommend Mamoon when it comes to 3D stuff. He is an expert and knows every aspect of it. I can't wait to finish the lesson as I know it can help greatly in my career.

Jamal Mohammed Thedath

Strategic Transportation Planning Department Roads & Transport Authority Dubai UAE. I’m using 3d studio max since long times, but a lot of questions I don’t find who can answer me, after I join to Dubai3dmax course I got all answers and I improved my skills with modeling and Vray, render. Thank to Mr Mamoon, he support me even after I finish course from 6 month he still answer my questions and help me to solve any problem I had.

Khurram Zaid

"It was like blessing to learn 3ds Max from Mr Mamoon. He didn't only teach me but also provided with useful techniques and help files that enable me to work like an experienced 3D designer".

Judit Szebegyinszki

Dears Dubai3dmax, I was very satisfied with the Autodesk 3DMAX training provided by Mr.Mamoon. I participated all lessons, which was essential to build my 3dmax skills and complete the work I had at my hand. X is extremely experienced in 3DMAX, he was always able to answer all of my questions. During the lessons we focused on those aspects that were needed for my work, which was a value add. Best Regards, Jusit Szebegyinszki

Victor Detaro

Taking up the course at Dubai 3d Max with Mr. Mamoon Boustani was an excellent learning curve for me. My personal interest in 3D visualization has increased one level further as I am now more confident of any project that is thrown to me. The course is complete from 3D basics to completed rendered projects. You will cover up world-class and intense modeling skills, lighting and rendering which you would not get from any other course, as this is coming from experience of a great interior designer himself. Thank you Mamoon for the opportunity and if anyone is looking for a 3D course that is worth every penny, look no further than Dubai 3d Max. I highly recommend it."

Heitham Damanhory

I came from Saudi Arabia to join to dubai3dmax course, I spend 15 days in Dubai, a lot of questions with no answer make my design always Bore and looks not real, I finish now the course and I do well now . I want thank you Mr. Mamoon for your support me and help me even After I finish the course

Javed Arzoo

I had before course in 3ds max, but it was so beginner, i can't make good design after that, but when i take the course with Mr, Mamoon it was so professional i improved my design in short time and now my company is satisfied from my works .. thank you Mr, Mamoon, i really advice your course for everyone who want save his money and time .

Pradeep Kumar

The way of teaching is really brilliant & obviously he is an expert in his field...also classes are really concise, For those who are looking forward to be a professional in designing field,then with no doubt, I would suggest dubai3dmax.com Pardeep

Naushad Kadiri

To get experience in 3d max, it was my fortune, i met with Mr.Mamoon, who is extra special in teaching 3d, i really appreciate his teaching method, as i improved my skills in this field and changed from sketch up to 3ds max and now i can do my personal designs, as well as do my job for my company. proudly i can say after i have course with Mr. Mamoon i can complete all tasks which will be given to me in my 3d designing. Best Regards

Bunny Butt

I always had problems in my designs quality. I joined different classes in 3ds max and V-ray, and watch many tutorials on YouTube, But I never find the answers on my questions, and why always my render time in v-ray is so long even quality is not so good. During my research on Google, I found dubai3dmax.com course, with Mr.Mamoon. Since that time my designs start to look more nice and close to realistic images. I feel more confidence now. I start to looking for job in Dubai and I'm sure soon will find good position in respected company . I want to say thanks for Mr.Mamoon. He is really good teacher and honest person. I knew it worth what I pay. your course saved my future and hope soon will find good job.