Dubai3dMax: 3d Studio Max Advanced V-ray Course
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3d Studio Max Advanced V-ray Course

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Course Description:

This course specialized for Architects and Free Lance Designers, who want to be a professional in a short period of time. This course will covering Exterior modeling, landscaping, plants, V-ray Materials, and full Details about V-ray Render Engine ( understanding all V-ray parameters and practical exercises)


5 weeks / 3 days per


Please call 00971557727137 or send your inquiry to

Course level

Beginner to Advanced

Course Outline:

Term 1: Advanced Modeling 

Editable Spline With All Parameters - 3ds max 2d
- Modeling Vase
- Modeling Villa Main door, high details
- Modeling Gypsum Elements 

 Plans and Elevation in AutoCad:
- Units setup between 3ds max and AutoCAD
- Plans and Elevation in AutoCad 
- Export plans and elevations

Exterior Scene 01
- Modeling villa Starting from Autocad-01 

Exterior Scene 02
- Modeling villa Starting from Autocad-02 

- Modeling Swimming pool
- Modeling landscaping plants
- Modeling realistic Grass (all type of grass )
- Modeling customized plants 
- Modeling Vase
- Modeling all type of realistic Gravel
- Modeling any style of Roofing Shingles 
- V-ray Proxy 

Term 2: Advanced V-RAY Materials 

- V-ray default mtl parameter 
- Making your Own materials( all type of glass, stainless, Wood)
- UVW map 
- Making your Own Texture in Photoshop
- Floor Tiles and Mosaic
- Walls Stucco plaster 
- Realistic Glass Effect
- V-ray Displacement map
- Making Displacements Textures using " PixPlant Script " 

Term 3: Advanced V-RAY Render
- V-ray Lights 
- Best setting of V-ray Render 
- V-ray Physical Camera 
- V-ray Sunlight 
- V-ray IES spotlight effect 
- V-ray Displacement 
- Reducing Render time and saving the Irradiance and Light cache maps 
- Post production and color correction in Photoshop 
- Adding flare and lens effect in Photoshop 

project :

Modeling Villa with landscaping , materials , V-ray lighting and rendering (Sun Light)