Dubai3dMax: 3d Studio Max Advanced V-ray Course
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3d Studio Max Advanced V-ray Course

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Course Description:

This course specialized for interior Engineers and Free Lance Designers, who want to be a professional in a short period of time. This course will cover Advanced poly Modeling ( how to model furniture, cars, and most of hard surfaces objects) Advanced Shading ( how to make your Owen V-ray Materials, and used UVW map) Full Details about V-ray Software ( understanding all V-ray parameters and practical exercises)


28 hours , 14 days


Please call 00971557727137 or send your inquiry to

Course level

Beginner to Advanced

Course Outline:

Term 1: Advanced Modeling 
Editable Spline With All Parameters - 3ds max 2D

  Modeling villa Majlis ( full details)
  preparing plans and elevation in AutoCAD  
  Units setup between 3ds max and AutoCAD  
  Editable Poly With All Parameters 
  Modeling High Details of Armchair 
  Modeling Hard surface of large sharpener 
 Modeling Hair dryer 
  Wooden Door 
  Modeling Curtain  Loft) 
  Modeling Leather padded
  Modeling pillow
  Classic Coffee Table ( Loft) 

Term 2: Advanced V-RAY Materials 
  V-ray default mtl parameter 
  making your Owen materials( all type of glass, stainless, Fabric, Wood, Water) 
  UVW map 
  V-ray maps 
  Making your Owen Texture in Photoshop
  Using ready Materials from libraries. mat
  Using ready Materials from another max file. max
  Adding peoples and tress to the scene using opacity material
  V-ray maps 
  Making your Owen Texture in Photoshop

  Applying textures to an interior scene1 
  Applying textures to an interior scene2 

Term 3: Advanced V-RAY Render 
  V-ray Render parameters 
  V-ray Lights 
  Best setting of V-ray Render 
  V-ray Physical Camera 
  V-ray Sunlight 
  V-ray IES spotlight effect 
  V-ray Displacement 
  Reducing Render time and saving the Irradiance and Light cache maps 
  Post production and color correction in Photoshop 
  Adding flare and lens effect in Photoshop 

4 projects with all setting will covered during the course  
  Lighting and rendering of Kitchen with all setting ( Day Light) 
  Lighting and rendering of Villa Majlis with all setting ( Sunlight) - ( Night Scene)
  Lighting and render of Modern Bedroom with all setting ( Night Scene) 
  Lighting of Genius Stand ( Studio light )