Dubai3dMax: 3ds Max Tip: Different between Boolean and Pro Boolean.
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3ds Max Tip: Different between Boolean and Pro Boolean.

In old Version of 3ds max as i remembered was only Boolean modifier. Pro Boolean were separate script.
then with next Max version, they merge it 
with 3ds Max. now the question, what is different between each
modifier!?. and why they still keep Boolean modifier 
Although it not so perfect and it make many small 
edges which will keep surface always not clean.

In this short explanation
, I will try to clarify this matter. Hope it will be useful information for someone.
Boolean Modifier: 
We have to used it only when we have more complex objects, as the pro.Boolean can hang and close the
software sometimes, when we used it with high detailed objects. But Boolean can produce many edges on the
surface. So Why we have to use Boolean if already we knew it will add many edges ?
Boolean is good with complex objects, but to clean up the surface and keep it normal, we can  applying
" optimize " modifier,
with this parameter.

Pro Boolean:
We can used many times and pick many objects without affect on our model, the good thing it's will not make
extra edges like Boolean, but we should not used it with complex objects, Because it can suddenly hang the software. also any small issue 
on the original spline it can affect and make it not work properly. 

The summery:
i always use Pro Boolean with simple objects only , in same time i apply Boolean when i have high detailed object and with optimize modifier solved the unlikely edges on the surface. 

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