Dubai3dMax: 3ds Max Tutorial:Matte shadow and reflection with V-ray 2.4
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3ds Max Tutorial:Matte shadow and reflection with V-ray 2.4

I read different topics and tutorials about Shadow Matte and how to get reflection and shadow on plan
when we work with studio rendering. In this short tutorial, I would like to share my experience with you,
Hope it will be useful.

We will do our test on Kiosk stand to explain how get the reflection and shadow on transparent plan.
- Create plan and apply V-ray material with gray color in diffuse.

- We add the affect of reflection by making the color gray in color selector for Reflect.

Now we will make the plan to receive shadow and reflection without shown plan in our render .
- Select the plan then right click, we choose V-ray properties, then we will  
- Enable this options: Matt object, Matte ofr refl/refr, Shadow.
- Disable Receive GI .

Now when we render the result should be like this . 

There are other ways to achieve this affect by using VRayMtlWrapper, But i think the way explained in
this tutorial is look so easy and it work fine for me. 

Kiosk, Full scene with all V-ray setting available to download at my shop page.
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