Dubai3dMax: Solve issue of Missing V-ray Physical Camera in 3ds Max 2016
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Solve issue of Missing V-ray Physical Camera in 3ds Max 2016

V-ray Physical camera is not available in 3ds Max 2016, as a separate camera like before. it's look like they
merged it with new physical camera of 3ds Max 2016. 
The new Physical Camera offers users new rendering options more close to real-life camera settings.
But for some 
users who's not familiar with this new camera, they can create old V-ray physical camera by
using this simple 
script Download Hereor you can create your own script:
Open Maxscript Menu --> New Script--> type the following into the MaxScript listener:
save it.

Drag and drop *.ms. file into viewport any time you need to used Vray physical Camera.
New camera will created in the center of viewport. May be you need to unchecked and check again  target option on Camera rollout to make camera free to move 

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