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3ds Max Script: VMC

Using 3d models from Different libraries, it can make our scene full of 3d models with different setting for each object.
Some of models merged with very high setting for V-ray 
materials, like subdivision, reflection, refraction. Which will
make our file heavy and 
increase our render time. 
Vmc is an amazing script for 3ds Max. it can helping us solving this issue, and Change V-Ray properties on all Vray materials and maps in the Scene, Selection or Material Editor in a couple of clicks. 

How it work?
if I want to change subdivision for all V-ray Materials in my scene one time. 
1-Open the script by doping it into viewport 
2-in property we choose reflection_subdivs
3-reduce intergr amount to 8 
4- Click scene

Other Features:
-Global Subdiv Reset for getting scenes where you want them.
-Turn all/selected lights on/off
-Reset scene’s material FX ID’s: resets all scene materials to 0 & disables the VRayMtl’s “override material  effect” option
-Neutralise VrayCameras: Sets white balance to neutral and turns off vignetting on all scene cameras
-Turn off interpolation on all scene VRayMtls
-Turn off use IR Map on all VRayLights
-Turn off reflect on back side on all VRayMtls

Download and drag the VMC_v2.1306.mzp into a 3ds max 

Some features is Missing, need to Donate to unlock and support the programmer on his page.

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